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Polyurethane foam for your attic




The attic that is insulated with polyurethane foam is warm and quiet. Polyurethane foam is ecologically friendly and it has a positive impact on the air in your house. The air does not contain dust, micro-organisms or allergens. It is fresh and clean. Polyurethane foam is CFC-free which is very import_ant as freon gases are known to have a negative influence on the ozone layer. Moreover the tightness of this type of isolation prevents noise emission.
Most people know that an attic is one of the key elements of a house. But why is it so? Well, it is because warm air moves up from the lowest parts of a house towards an attic.  Polyurethane foam which is used as an isolation of your attic sticks to the surface and then it expands its capacity. In this way it fills all the leakiness and it creates a homogenous layer which protects your attic from heat loss.

When an attic is poorly insulated warm air escapes to the outside which consequently leads to energy and heat loss and in some cases it may produce mould. A precise application of polyurethane foam eliminates these threats. When you want to convert an attic into a loft you must remember that if you use a precise isolation you will gain a lot. It can cut 50% off of your heating bill!


  • insulation of an attic
  • insulation of buildings inside and outside 
  • hydro – isolation of a roof
  • hydro – isolation of containers and sewage systems  


  • hydro – isolation of outside foundations
  • insulation of of terraces, patios and foundations
  • insulation against cold, insulation against sound


Advantages of poliurethane foam insulation:

Polyurethane foam Tecnopol TECNOFOAM G-2008 – is a material with exceptional properties of insulation. Its low heat conduction coefficient, low density and low water absorption makes it the best form of insulation. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly, excellent sticks to the surface and does not create thermal bridges. Our polyurethane foam (PUR/PIR) is one of the most efficient, high performance insulation material, enabling very effective energy savings with minimal occupation of space (20 cm of polyurethane foam replaces 30 cm of mineral wool).


We use poliuretahne foam TECNOFOAM G-2008 which:

¡        Does not unstick from the insulated surface thanks to its good mechanical properties and excellent adhesion to other materials. It will function for as long as the building stands and has a useful life beyond 50 years. It offers optimal, long-life insulation with no drawbacks, maintenance or repairs.

¡         Thermal insulation with this polyurethane foam (PUR/PIR) conserves resources, saves energy and has no significant emission to the environment.

¡         It has a 20 years warranty for both the material itself and its application

¡         It is tight – your house does not lose heat in winter and it does not overheat in summer. It eliminates thermal bridges because it fills all the leakiness.

¡         Polyurethane foam insulation in buildings can cut average energy consumption by more than 50% and simplifies the installation.

¡         It enhances the value of property and the quality of life.

¡         It is light, so it does not overload the building construction

¡         It protects against noise.

¡         It is self-extinguishing (class E) in the construction with a plasterboard class B-s 1, d0

¡         It’s easy to apply regardless of different shapes of your roof. Even 300m2 a day can be apply.

¡         It is environmentally friendly. It does not emit dust or any other harmful substances. It is resistant to mould and fungi. It is safe for allergy sufferers.


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